We strive to ensure that our clients manage as well as maintain their KYC/CDD processes. It is our mission to help our clients consistently comply with the demands of supervisory bodies and gain insight into the potential risks, and at the same time to unburden personnel and resources, thus enabling the organizations to focus on their core business and contributing to their clients’ satisfaction.


Het KCP team consists of experienced KYC/CDD experts who have proven themselves in an operational AML environment and are well versed in compliance management. Being active in commercial environments as well, gives us an eye for the dynamics specific to that environment.

We have many years’ experience in banking and cooperate closely with people from trust offices, payment institutions and lawyer’s offices. Our professionals have studied and assessed thousands of files from various fields and countries. Out team’s expertise is not solely in carrying out research, it is in getting to the bottom of complex compliance issues as well.

It is becoming increasingly important for financial institutions to share their knowledge in the field of KYC/CDD. KCP is well aware of this need and offers knowledge sharing as a shared service.


KCP was founded in 2014 by Katrien Siewertsz van Reesema. She has been conducting KYC research and managing KYC processes since 2006. She has more than twenty years experience in both commercial positions and project and team management.

Katrien has founded KCP convinced that KYC/CCD quality and processes can be improved substantially and its costs lowered. Large corporations wrestle with their size, bureaucratic processes and overhead, while for small companies it is their lack of size and resources that prevents them from acquiring the required knowledge internally. A specialist niche player such as KCP can stop those gaps.