Our method

KCP works according to a tried and tested method that has proven its worth in practice. It is important to us that our service can easily be implemented with our clients without any hiccups. Therefore, we ensure a thorough preparation in conjunction with our potential client.

preliminary ANALYSis

KCP goes deeply in the client’s policies, procedures, people and systems to safeguard a smooth execution of its task. We analyze the current process and convert the policies in practical CDD research steps. We use those to make a simple assessment of the current internal costs. Furthermore, through gap analysis we determine what is currently lacking for a complete and efficient process.

proposal and CONTRACT

Based on the preliminary analysis we estimate the costs per research, which we then incorporate into our proposal. Upon acceptance we incorporate all we agreed on in a contract, including a detailed description of our activities.


The research will be carried out by our dedicated KYC experts. Validation, audit and consultancy will primarily take place at the client’s premises, the research itself can, in consultation with the client, partially be carried out at the KCP office.

At the request of our client, we will use paid sources such as World-check, Lexis Nexis, Bankers Almanac, etc. We have much experience in all CDD-dedicated information providers.


We make use of a KYC system for the workflow, audit and filing of data and documents. The system is a relational database storing relations between various individuals and companies that can be reproduced in organization charts. Our system is based on existing software and developed and supplied by Effacts BV (www.effacts.com), and configured by KCP for the dedicated KYC execution and workflow.