With KCP you will decrease your compliance risks, increase your control and improve supervisor and client satisfaction.

1) OPTIMAL RISk control

  • The use of a diversity of fragmented systems often blinds organizations to the risks they run. KCP ensures that they will always have the right information at their disposal, providing them with an insight into reputation risks and enabling them to take the appropriate measures.
  • The focus on commercial results may slacken attention to potential risks. KCP’s independent position ensures in-depth and unbiased research as well as the proper risk assessment.


2) complying with supervisory body’s demands and legislation

  • For various reasons client files are difficult to fill in compliance with internal and external directives. This results in possible audit issues and instructions from the supervisory body. KCP shares best practices with its clients and aids them with a consistent yet tailored translation into policy, procedures and measures.
  • Commercial employees often do not have detailed KYC knowledge and their interest in the field is predominantly limited. KCP ensures that their knowledge is up-to-date as well as of high quality.
  • The law’s open norms and risk-based approach result in different policies in financial institutions. KCP shares the best practices and uses the best standard.
  • Bottom line: KCP ensures complete files, good audit reports and a cery high mark from your supervisory body!


3) unburden people and resources

  • Commercial people should focus on what they do best. Any time spent on KYC leads to opportunity losses. Putting us in charge of time-consuming and labour-intensive KYC activities enables our clients to focus their resources on commercial, profitable activities.


4) client satisfaction

  • Clients often complain that opening an account is a slow process and the amount of information required is enormous. KCP ensures an acceleration of the acceptance process without all the red tape for the client. This results in higher client satisfaction scores!